Lisa Waldrop

Master Stylist

Lisa and her husband of 21 years have three great kids, and she is thankful for the constant support they give her as the owner of SkyeBlu Salon. How did she choose her profession? Her grandfather was a barber, and she grew up having her hair cut at the kitchen table and watching him work. "He was a very successful barber, actually credited with inventing The Flat-top Hairstyle in Atlanta." The salon was a dream of hers that came into realization in 2008, and it's been nonstop since. 

"When people are in the salon, I want them to feel welcome and at home. We are professionals, but I want it to feel like a place you see friends and family, and sit to have a cup of coffee and be comfortable while you're getting your services done."

Favorite Part of Her Job: "I love having the opportunity to have a positive influence on people and how they feel about themselves. I like being able to help with their self confidence. When they feel better, it brings me great joy."
Personal Style: Simple and quick; "With three kids, I have to be able to get ready fast!"
Hobbies: Watching my kids play sports, spending time at the beach, and "Great Southern and I have a great romance."
Favorite Salon Product: Keune's Salt Mousse ("Adds great texture and volume to any hair type!")
Biggest Personal Hair Mistake: "When I was newly married, I volunteered to be a hair model for a hair show for my boss in Baltimore, or somewhere, and I told them very explicitly 'don't cut my hair off.' And he cut my hair into a mullet. I came home and my husband said, 'I thought I married a girl....' The worst part was, I had to be in two weddings with this horrible haircut." 


Tina Faulkner

Master Stylist

Tina has been a stylist and color specialist since 1985. She comes from the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area where she studied cosmetology and became a sought after stylist and colorist. Her career took her to the Newmarket area of London, England where she acquired a taste for European fashion and style. As her career took her to Atlanta she did double duty as a celebrity hairstylist. In Atlanta, her artistry was showcased on stage, screen and TV as her clients included actresses and national sports personalities.

For the past eight years, Tina has brought her unique talent and understanding of vibrant formulation to the Skyeblu Salon on 30-A. Her philosophy is based on achieving the right haircut, color and makeup that enhances every aspect of you and your overall well-being. Her calm disposition puts you at ease in knowing you are in capable hands to achieve the look that you want and that is best for you.

Favorite Part of Her Job: "Making a difference for someone. Being able to give someone something that they can't do for themselves."
Personal Style: Simplistic and laid-back
Hobbies: Going to the Seaside Farmers' Market, enjoying the beach weather
Favorite Salon Product: The Nourishing Oil
Biggest Personal Hair Mistake: "I gave myself a perm and it didn't work out so well."


Michelle Hogan

Master Stylist

Michelle comes to SkyeBlu Salon with over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has relocated to the Point Washington from Atlanta, Georgia and has worked for the last four years at a salon in Seaside, Florida.  She loves all aspects of hair artistry, and she specializes in color correction, highlighting, men and women's cuts, smoothing and straightening systems, and special occasion hair. From stylist to educator to salon owner, Michelle's salon experience has come full circle, and she is thrilled to make her new home at SkyeBlu.

Personal Style: Casual Beach
Hobbies: Spending time with her family, reading, exercising, biking, just being outside!
Hair Knowledge: "There isn't anything about this business I don't love!"
Favorite Salon Product: Keune Blend styling products

Kailea Wilson


Kailea is from Greenville, Ohio and moved to the area in 2005.  She took her passion for excellent customer service the next step and attended cosmetology school at Okaloosa Technical College where she loved learning color theory and pushing herself creatively.  Kailea joined the SkyeBlu team in May of 2018 and is gaining additional skills and training by working alongside experienced stylists and continues to hone her craft by attending advanced education training courses 3-4 times per year. 

What is your favorite part about your job?
The good vibes & making our clients smile

What is your personal style?
Modern hippie 

What are your hobbies?
Paddle boarding, bike riding, listening to music, and being adventurous outside with my family

What is your favorite salon product?
The entire Lanza Keratin Healing Oil. Coming from being a bleach blonde all over, this product line has truly and honestly helped my hair tremendously! 

What is your biggest hair mistake?
Attempting to give myself layers 


Devin Knowles

Salon Coordinator

What is your favorite part of your job?
The casual relaxed atmosphere where everyone welcomed and creativity in encouraged.  We all work together to make our clients feel welcomed and appreciated.  It is such a blessing to LOVE going to work every day because the women you work with love and encourage each other daily. 

What is your personal style?
Comfy and casual.  There is nothing better than your favorite pair of jeans, a great haircut, and good sunglasses.  

What are your hobbies?
Going to the beach, of course, spending time with my amazing family, enjoying a glass of wine and a good book and trying to convince the world's bossiest poodle to share the couch. 

What is your favorite salon product, and why?
Keune Care Absolute Volume Line.  These products took my flat lifeless hair and honestly changed it from the inside out.  It is healthier than it has ever been before and I can now say that even on the second or third day the volume is STILL there. "I can't hear you over the volume of my hair"

What is your biggest personal hair mistake?
In high school I thought a temporary color would be, well, temporary.  And I decided to go for a nice strawberry blonde that turned ORANGE on my fresh highlights.  So for WEEKS I had a bright orange streak down the middle of my head. Somewhere out there are photos that I hope stay buried forever.

SkyeBlu Salon is a boutique hair salon located on Florida's scenic highway 30-A and Hwy 83 in Redfish Village.

To schedule an appointment please call us at 850.622.3220.