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Our Team


Master Stylist

Lisa’s vision of SkyeBlu Salon became a reality in March of 2008. She envisioned a professional salon with a welcoming and talented staff that all share the same passion for “The Complete Client Experience”, creating customized cuts and colors to fit each guest. 

Lisa brings 35 years of hair industry experience to SkyeBlu Salon. Her achievements include educating for multiple manufacturers at beauty industry events and shows, teaching apprenticeship programs to new stylists, in-salon training for stylists and owners, and for the past 7 years she has owned a Professional Salon Wholesale Distribution business in addition to managing SkyeBlu. 

Lisa and her husband Trey have called the Emerald Coast home since 2002 and raised 3 children here.  Recent empty nesters, they enjoy being on the water as much as possible and spending time with family, friends and their dog Harley.

"When people are in the salon, I want them to feel welcome and at home. We are professionals, but I want it to feel like a place you see friends and family, and to sit with a cup of coffee and be comfortable while you're getting your services done."

Favorite Part of Her Job: "I love having the opportunity to have a positive influence on people and how they feel about themselves. I like being able to help with their self confidence. When they feel better, it brings me great joy."
Personal Style: Simple and quick; "With three kids, I have to be able to get ready fast!"
Hobbies: Watching my kids play sports, spending time at the beach, and "Great Southern and I have a great romance."
Favorite Salon Product: Keune's Salt Mousse ("Adds great texture and volume to any hair type!")
Biggest Personal Hair Mistake: "When I was newly married, I volunteered to be a hair model for a hair show for my boss in Baltimore, or somewhere, and I told them very explicitly 'don't cut my hair off.' And he cut my hair into a mullet. I came home and my husband said, 'I thought I married a girl....' The worst part was, I had to be in two weddings with this horrible haircut." 


Master Stylist

For the past thirteen years, Tina has brought her unique talent and understanding of vibrant color formulation to Skyeblu Salon on 30-A. Her philosophy is based on achieving the right haircut and color that enhances every aspect of you and your overall well-being. Her calm disposition puts you at ease in knowing you are in capable hands to achieve the look that you want and that is best for you

Tina has been a Master stylist and color specialist since 1985. She began her training in Alabama but soon found herself living abroad where her passion for learning new styles, techniques and culture kept her traveling.  After returning to the US, she landed in Atlanta where her artistry was showcased on stage, screen and TV, as her clients included actresses and national sports personalities.

Favorite Part of Her Job: "Making a difference for someone. Being able to give someone something that they can't do for themselves."
Personal Style: Simplistic and laid-back
Hobbies: Tina spends her time gardening, decorating her home and seeking out great live music venues.
Biggest Personal Hair Mistake: "Believing I could give myself a perm didn’t work out so well”



Maggie relocated to Santa Rosa Beach from West Tennessee in 2020 with her fiancé.  She comes to SkyeBlu Salon with over 10 years of experience and unmatched enthusiasm.  When she is not in the salon, you can find her on the beach or in the water with her friends and family. 

Favorite Part of Her Job: getting to know my clients and helping them achieve their hair goals! It never feels like work when you enjoy spending time with your clients. 
Personal Style: Feminine and Classic
Hobbies: I spend a lot of time at the beach club, I love riding bikes, going out to eat, talking on the phone to my sister, going to events with my fiancé, and snuggling my Weimaraner.
Favorite Salon Product: Lanza Healing Style Dry Shampoo! How could it not be? I use it DAILY!

Biggest Personal Hair Mistake: “I have let almost all of my friends color and even cut my hair!   It once was so bleached out that it was coming off in little cotton-like tumble weeds blowing through the salon when I dried it.”



Paula Chapman joined SkyeBlu Salon with over 32 years of experience. She has a passion for creating both dramatic and soft. lived-in blondes and brings a bit of bohemian, classic and casual flair to the salon.


Paula relocated to the area from Winston Salem NC with her husband Lenny and their two dogs, Winston and Elenor.  When she's not lending her talents to the team, you can find her all along 30A seeking sun and live music.

Personal Style: A blend of casual, bohemian, and classic

Hobbies: Hanging out in the sun and listening to live music
Favorite Salon Product: 
Keune Style Salt Mousse-- this stuff gives you the best volume!


Salon Coordinator

Favorite Part of Her Job: The casual relaxed atmosphere where everyone is welcomed and creativity is encouraged.  We all work together to make our clients feel welcomed and appreciated.  It is such a blessing to LOVE going to work every day because the women you work with love and encourage each other daily. 

Personal Style: Comfy and casual.  "There is nothing better than your favorite pair of jeans, a great haircut, and good sunglasses."

Hobbies: Going to the beach, of course, spending time with my amazing family, enjoying a glass of wine and a good book and trying to convince the world's bossiest poodle to share the couch. 

Favorite Salon Product: Keune Care Absolute Volume Line.  These products took my flat lifeless hair and honestly changed it from the inside out.  It is healthier than it has ever been before and I can now say that even on the second or third day the volume is STILL there. "I can't hear you over the volume of my hair"

Biggest Personal Hair Mistake: "In high school I thought a temporary color would be, well, temporary.  And I decided to go for a nice strawberry blonde that turned ORANGE on my fresh highlights.  So for WEEKS I had a bright orange streak down the middle of my head. Somewhere out there are photos that I hope stay buried forever."


Salon Coordinator

Toni joined the salon as a temporary employee in 2022.  She loved working here so much that she decided to stay.

Favorite Part of Her Job: Getting to know the clients and connecting with them on a personal level.

Personal Style: Comfortable, fun and festive

Hobbies: Toni stays busy volunteering for many local charities.  She is an avid MahJongg player and has been playing in the SoWal Bocce league since moving to the area in 2021.

Favorite Salon Product: Keune Satin Oil Mask followed by Aluram Curl Cream.  It's a perfect combination for her crazy curly hair.

Biggest Personal Hair Mistake: While in high school, she dumped an entire bottle of peroxide on her dark hair.

Hair Supplies

Operations Manager

Stephanie joined SkyeBlu Salon via a relocation from Rome Georgia in 2017. After deciding to hang up her shears, she has been the Operations Manager at SkyeBlu Salon for the past 4 years. From managing inventory to directly assisting stylists, Stephanie is the magic behind the scenes. She has even stepped in to assist with guest services when needed. Our guests love her gentle demeanor and tell us she gives the best shampoo they have ever had; we know it is a blend of her personality and passion for her job.

Favorite Part of Her Job: “Spending time with our clients and listening to the stories about their families and travel."
Personal Style: Comfortable but conservative  
Hobbies: Stephanie loves spending time outdoors or on the water and gardening. When she is not outside you can find her curled up next to her dog ChiChi watching the ID Channel. 
Favorite Salon Product: Keune Care Silver Savior Shampoo, this keeps my blonde that perfect platinum color I love!!
Biggest Personal Hair Mistake: Asking my husband to color my hair, and possibly trying to foil my own hair, not a good idea.


We enjoy working with talented people. 

If you think you would be a good fit for us, let us know why. Better yet, show us!

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